What is the information on the Running Sticker?

1 - ASA Info : All the info required on a race entry as per rules of Athletics South Africa

2 - Running / Walking : Indicating your racing type as running will display a boxed "R" on the stikcer, and for walking a boxed "W".

3 - Emergency Info : Ensure that a person that can answer the phone is specified, as this will help to know who to contact in case of an emergency.

4 - Integration with Race Results : This QR code can be scanned by the time keeper(*) to link the result with a specific person. See below for more information.

Chamberlain's Timekeeping and Running Sticker is busy with the integration process of linking the sticker with a specific profile on the RaceResults.co.za website.

An athlete will be able to register on that website, register his Running Sticker unique code, printed on the sticker, with his profile.

Whenever the sticker's code is scanned to register it as part of the results of a race, the athlete will be able to be notified via SMS instantaneously of his results. No need to visit the RaceResults website any more.

Look out for this new development on the RaceResults.co.za website coming soon!

Important things when you order

Your age

We require your date of birth as part of the ordering process, either through supplying your SA ID Number, or your date of birth. We will determine if your birthdate for the current year has been reached. If not, you will need to instruct us how many stickers we need to print with your current age.

On your sticker roll we will clearly indicate the sticker where this age change takes place.

Your category

We will determine the category to be printed on the sticker automatically, as associated with your age. Even if at your next birthday, if you will change to a new category, the sticker will be automatically udpated with that category value.


We do not have a maximum number of stickers that you can order. The only thing that we need you to do is to order a minimum quantity - to keep lights on, you know!


We have decided to support only collection at an event.

Collection - Pretoria
We will be present at most of the races. Please look out for posts on our home page for the next race where we will have a person manning the Running Sticker station. You can expect that your order will be ready for collection at the next event where we will be present after we have received your payment!

Collection for other regions

We are currently looking into possibilities on how to delivery stickers to the rest of the country. Delivery through the Post Office has proven to be totally unreliable, and has therefore be discontinued.
We are aware of the following options:
- Centralised delivery
This will require the assistance of a business in the target region to be willing to act as a pick-up point. Please drop as an email at support@runningsticker.co.za should you be interested in fulfilling this requirement.
- Courier
This option is currently proving to be too expensive, as it outweighs the cost of a set of stickers significantly. We will not be implementing this option soon.


Credit Card Payments

Payment via our credit card facility is our preferred mechanism. Due to the options of automation available, stickers can be printed automatically, hence improving our ability to provide a better service.

We integrate with PayGate to enable our credit card payment mechanism. This is a highly secure environment which will guarantee the safety of your payment details

PLEASE NOTE: It will feel as if you never leave the Running Sticker website. This is intentional to ensure that you are all the time aware of what you are doing.

We accept all South African MasterCard and VISA credit cards. All transactions are secured with the OTP mechanism enabled on the card. Please make sure that you ascertain yourself with the terms and conditions associated with this payment mechanism. They can be accessed here : runningsticker.co.za/tandcconsumer.pdf

Cash/EFT Payments

You will be presented with the option to pay with an Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT) into our bank account when you want to order your stickers online, when not at a race. You will be presented with our bank account details, as well as a reference number via SMS, when you choose this option. The stickers will be processed as soon as the money reflects in our bank account.

Please refer to our About page to retrieve our bank account details.

We will accept payment with cash when the Running Sticker trolley is printing stickers on site at the event. The stickers will be printed once the order is submitted into our system.