Your support with buying the Running Sticker will enable the funding for an amazing little girl. Her name is, Diani.

Diani was born in 2016 with a rare genetic disorder, known as Williams Syndrome. This condition only affects one in 10,000 people, probably the reason why not so many a person knows about it. It is quite complex, of which the implications can only be realised over time. And yes, right now we don't but one day we will know, the impact on daddy's little princess!

One of the harsh realities of South Africa is that caring for the disabled is lacking, especially for older people. A significant investment is necessary to ensure that Diani, one day when she is older, can be cared for, and that the necessary financial resources will be available to support her. The stickers produced and sold through this company will contribute to this need.

The video below, created by the Williams Syndrome Association in the United States, explains a bit more what Williams Syndrome is about.